Check out our pictures from past events including Youth Shoot, Hunter Safety Course, Trap Shooting, Bird Restocking, Sight-In Day, Work Day at the club etc.

Photo Page

2013 Club Picnic

Young Guns Trap Shoot

Sight-In Day

Bird Re-Stocking

 Work Day - Lots accomplished !!

 Young Guns 22 Shoot

The Yough Precision Team goes to A&S to shoot pistols of all kinds of calibers.

The team has been studying different types of bullets. 

Soon to study ballistic and velocity.

 Yough Precision Team West Virginia Trip

The Yough Precision Team traveled to shoot 1000 yards it was  AWESOME!!    Thanks To Paul Yackovich for all his instruction and donation of materials to make it possible for the guys to be able to shoot 1000 yards.